Developing Your Intuition Exercises

by Dhyan Giten -

How can we develop a trust in ourselves, in our heart and in our intuition? How can we develop our intuition so that it becomes a source of love, truth and wisdom in therapeutic work?

How can we be in contact with the Whole through our intuition?

What is Intuition?

Intuition is our true inner voice, our constant available inner source of love, truth and wisdom and the silent voice of Existence within ourselves. Through our intuition, we are in contact with the Whole.

Intuition is the voice of the heart. Intuition is our inner teacher and guide. Intuition means to learn to listen to the silent whisperings of our heart.

Intuition is a 'yes' to life. 

Intuition is to develop a trust in life. Intuition is learning to listen to life. Intuition is to be in contact with the Whole. Intuition means to follow the whispers of the inner in a basic 'yes' to life. When we allow ourselves to follow the silent whisperings of intuition, the fragrance of love arises.

Through following our own heart, we also help others to follow their own heart. Through following our own truth, we also help others to follow their own truth. Intuition is the voice of our inner being. Intuition is the voice of Existence within ourselves. Through listening to the intuition, we are in contact with the Whole.

A result of following our intuition is a deep feeling of joy, a sense of meaning and an inner satisfaction. 

To follow the silent voice of intuition is to surrender to Existence. Intuition is already in contact with Existence, with that which is larger than ourselves. When we live in contact with Existence, life becomes immensely satisfying. Intuition is a trust that if we follow our heart, the Whole becomes enriched.


1: From intellect to intuition 

This is an exercise, which aims on learning to distinguish between intellect and intuition. Take as a continuous meditation to learn to distinguish between the intellect, between our ideas of how things should be, and intuition, our true inner voice, to learn to distinguish between the false and the real, between the true and the artificial.

2: Learning to distinguish between listening to the intuition and to be directed by outer forces 

This is an exercise that aims at learning to be aware when you allow yourselves to be directed by outer forces and when you allow yourself to listen to your intuition.

Be continuously aware in different situations between when you allow yourself to be directed by other people's ideas, opinions and expectations and when you allow yourself to be guided from within by listening to your own intuition, to your own true inner voice, to your own inner source of love, truth and wisdom, to Existence within yourself.

3: Invite guidance 

When you are in a cross road in life or in situations when you need guidance, take as a conscious exercise to ask you intuition a question and ask for guidance and clarity.

The answer may not come directly, but you will always receive an answer.

4: Make a painting of intuition 

This meditation aims at painting a picture in colour and form of your experience of intuition. If you do this meditation together with a partner, you can discuss your painting with your partner.

5: Listen to your heart 

To continuously be in contact with your heart and with your intuition, you can ask the following four questions in different situations for example when you have to make a choice or when you are going to take a new step:
  • Will I love myself if I do this?
  • Will I feel courageous?
  • Is it beautiful for me?
  • Can it be simplified in any way?
6: Intuition – taking creative decisions 

Intuition is about taking creative decisions. Take as an exercise to take a conscious decision during a whole day to allow your intuition, your inner source of love, trust and wisdom, to guide you through the day to take creative decisions.

7: Making a energy reading of a partners heart in the form of a flower 

This is an exercise in intuition and healing, where you sit facing a partner and make an energy reading of the partner’s heart in the form of a flower.

Begin this exercise by turning your attention within yourself and come in contact with you own heart. When you have come in contact with your own heart, begin to tune in with your partners heart and describe the partner’s heart in the form of a flower. Describe in words what kind of flower it is, the quality of the flower, the colour of the flower and the surroundings in which the flower grows.

Stay continuously in contact with your own heart during this exercise and be aware of how the contact from heart to heart plus the communication through words creates healing.

When you and your partner has read each others hearts, take a moment to share how it felt to have your heart read and how the communication from heart to heart crates healing.

8: Intuition-journal 

To become more aware about how your intuition is developing, take a decision to write an intuition-journal every evening during one month. When you wake up in the morning, remember that this is a new opportunity to develop your intuition.

Take a conscious decision in your heart that today you are going to be aware and to trust your intuition during all the activities of the day. Be continuously aware during the day about the difference between being in contact with yourself and your intuition and not being in contact with your intuition.

Be grateful in the evening for everything that has happened during the day, since both positive and negative experiences are teachers on the way to develop intuition.

Write an intuition-journal in the evening and write shortly during 10-15 minutes about when you managed and when you did not manage to trust your intuition during the day.

Do not judge and evaluate whether you managed or did not manage to trust your intuition, but let the intuition-journal be a way to simply be aware and develop your intuition.

9: Become friends with a tree 

On an unconscious level, trees are already in contact with Existence. With their roots deeply rooted in the earth and with their branches reaching towards the sky, trees have their own innate wisdom.

A meditation exercise you can do to develop your intuition is to become friends with a tree. Sit under the tree and ask the tree questions and listen within to your own intuition for the answers that you receive.

10: To see what the Whole wants 

This is an exercise to let go and to see what the Whole wants in a certain issue. When you have compared the pros and cons on a certain issue, then leave the issue to the intuition, to the inner source of love, truth and wisdom, to the voice of Existence within, and see what the Whole wants concerning this issue.

Sometimes Existence responds immediately and sometimes it takes some time before Existence is ready to respond. But you will always receive an answer in exactly the right time.

Sometimes I have struggled to get something to happen but it was first when I let go that it happened by itself. Sometimes things are not meant to happen either. It is a question of timing. It is a question of when the time is ripe. It is a question of trust to the Whole.

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  1. Fantastic post. Recognizing your intuition is merely listening to your heart - always. These are great tips.

  2. intuition and common sense are things we need to become intimately familiar with if we are to become truly happy inside and out great post

  3. This one couldn't have come at a better time, as I am now trying to learn the difference between my intuition and what is just in my head. I had a bad dream Monday night, and just found out today that it was a real situation that I saw. I couldn't see there face and didn't know the person personally, but it was something that happened Tuesday with the friend of a friend. Trying to make sense of it all. Thank you for posting this! Many blessings to you always!