Riding the Flow

by Carrie Hart

Today, feel the current. Feel the energy. There is a very special energy flowing right now. You are deeply blessed to be living right now, so that you can catch this flow and ride upon it. 

Take your worries and regrets, all your troubles, and simply set them aside for a moment. You must lift them off in order to fully experience the flow.

Then expand. Go to your center and see the light that glows there. Put your attention on this light and watch it begin to expand. Keep expanding until you are lit from within, your entire body filled with golden glowing light.

Now, expand further, until your light is a few inches out from your body. And now further, until it fills the room.

Now further and further, until you are like a star in the sky, a glow that can be seen across millions and millions of miles, your glow, you, shining out and being the god you are. 

Now, in this expanded state, feel the current that is flowing, right now, across the precious earth. It is in the air. It skims across the land. It inhabits every tree and flower, kissing them with energy as it flows.

It is a joyful energy, an energy of love and promise. It is as fresh as a spring morning. Let it fill you.

Let it fill you with joy and promise. It is all light, completely light. It is all love, completely love. It is flowing and expanding even now.

Let your spirit ride on this flow. 
Do not ask why or where it is leading. Simply allow yourself to feel the goodness and love, the joy and beauty, that are flowing now, right now.  
Ah, how blessed you are, to be a shining star, a rider on the flow of grace.

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