Cosmic Nudge

by Cathy Olsen -

You are indeed being pushed, prodded as it were in this transformational time on your planet. We nudge you into action. For you have made an agreement to participate largely in the birthing of the expanded human species and the planet herself.

You have been encoded with frequencies of light which are now being stimulated, causing you to rouse from the slumberous realms of this earthly existence. 

For it is time to wake, time to engage with and open more fully to the light that now permeates your being.

This light is a source of truth and wisdom which awakens in you the memories of times past, and the skills which you have brought forth into this existence in time. The expertise which you can provide is needed in service to the great awakening of humankind.

We urge you to open to Source. 

We urge you to let go of fear and the lesser dramas which would keep you focused on shadows instead of light.

For within the depths of your being, the light of Source shines as brightly as a thousand suns, and its brilliance beckons your human vessel to expand its edges so as to take on expanded levels of light.

For your physical body is as a container, a ‘houser’ of light and love, and as you clear from past dramas and foundations of old, you increase your capacity to hold more light.

Never before has there been such potential on your planet for the human component to merge with the light of expanded being.

What a sight to behold, the gift that humanity now brings to the unity of the cosmos. We of the higher realms have been watching and waiting, all the while holding to the hope that you would indeed awaken to the truth of your divine heritage. 

For the time of transformation is at hand. Humanity is now afforded the opportunity to transcend the life of limitation and shadow, moving into the dimensions of light.

We applaud your efforts to the cause of freedom. 

We support your continued expansion. All possibility lies before you at this time. The choice to respond to the ‘cosmic nudge’ is ultimately yours, but we prod you into consciousness and mission. 

For the child of earth will now come to be the child of eternity. 

The earth herself has labored in love through time, providing the womb of future creation. Her time has come.

Support her and her children as they awaken. Remind them not to give in to fear, but to remain centered in love, as the truth inherent in the transition dawns upon them.

As you sense the nudge from higher realms, open to acknowledge the community of light from whence you have come and the call to greater service which stands before you. Invite our participation with you. Open to higher guidance. 

Allow expanded truth now to infuse your being for the journey ahead. 

We urge you to respond to our heartfelt invitation. We seek to engage your partnership in the Divine Plan. We need conscious and alert partners to help champion the cause of freedom. There is no allowance for reversal in this. 

Know that all is as it should be. Let us move together to witness the birth of the expanded consciousness of humankind, which causes ripples of love to reverberate throughout the cosmos.

excerpt from 'The Call to Awakening, Messages from the Cosmos'


  1. During the first week in July 2008, I came into this blog world, surrounded by a group of people with like minds, in recovery programs.

    My mantra for these five months has been Peace, Serenity, Happiness, and LOVE...ask any of our bloggers!

    So that is probably what attracted me to your b'lair--I mean b'log -grin- And I'll certainly return.

    If you tried to understand what I was trying to communicate, bless you
    ...some day someone might let ME in on it?

  2. Sweet stuff couldnt be more