Global Vibrational Transformation

by Mashubi Rochell - 

New Skills for a New Time:

 You are in the midst of a massive vibrational transformation, one that will change the face of everything in your world. From the global social and economic systems to the most intimate aspects of your daily life experience, your world is transforming. This snowball of change will continue to accelerate as the higher vibrations of spiritual light continue to anchor themselves more and more completely onto the physical planes of the Earth.

The actions of spiritual light on the world are two fold. Light raises up the physical vibration of everything that it is in contact with, causing the molecules of physical matter to vibrate at a more accelerated rate. The Earth itself, plants, animals, and people are all affected by this light which is creating new pathways both within your physical bodies, and also within the consciousness of humanity as a whole.


Spiritual light also serves the function of purifying everything it is in contact with. The light catalyzes a process that separates out energies of darkness and separation that were previously hidden. For this reason many people are experiencing changes in their relationships as the greater light illuminates areas of consciousness which were previously hidden from awareness.

Spiritual light is having a large impact on the physical and energy bodies of all embodied souls on the Earth. Some are experiencing illness or an increase in chronic symptoms. Others are having new energetic and physical experiences that cannot be categorized by traditional means. Many people are experiencing an upsurge of emotion as old pain surfaces to be healed.


This is just the beginning of what will be a magnificent and transformational time for humanity. Preparations are now underway to move many lightworkers and faithful servants of God into new positions of leadership and responsibility. 

This period of transition will not be easy, as there still exists an energetic band of contraction and darkness around the growing light. This energy is not stronger than the light, but covers the light and creates a spiritual atmosphere of heaviness and confusion in the consciousness of those sensitive souls which are affected by these energies.


At this time when so many positive changes are appearing on the horizon, the continued presence of energies of contraction is creating more despair for people, especially those lightworkers who have waited long for the emergence of greater light that will move all things forward. This contraction is somewhat due to the growing presence of light which has attracted stronger negative energies and is also due to global purification process which is releasing much negativity into the air. 

God's light is transforming, transmuting and purifying these energies but the process is intense and at times overwhelming. When God's light reaches a critical mass on the Earth, this cloud of contraction will dissolve and allow the full measure of God's light to stream forth and illuminate all.


As this transformation process accelerates, there will be much, much more and more possible in the way of healing, opening of consciousness, and spiritual awakening for you and for all souls. If you have been suffering through a long period of darkness and pain, know that light is visible on the horizon now. Even if you cannot feel its effect yet on your own life, you will.


Waiting in faith with God, for those things that only God can change is an important learning process that strengthens humility, love and surrender. At this time of significant transition, many people are being prepared to step into new roles of spiritual leadership and support. Their preparation is not formal training, but the training that God creates within the heart of each one, through unique life circumstances which strengthen the soul and purify the personality.


Beloved ones, the problems that exist on the Earth today were created through humanity's consciousness of separation from God. Choices were made based on greed, entitlement, fear, and the desire for power, which created systems and situations that were not sustainable in God's life.

The process of purification is now freeing humanity from these heavy burdens and the growing spiritual light will illuminate the consciousness of many souls and guide humanity to new ways of life that are in harmony with God's love.

Each step forward that you make in the purification process opens the doorway for someone else. As you release old pain and hurt, this creates an energetic passageway for healing for many other souls.


At this time it is essential for all lightworkers and faithful servants of God to release themselves from energies of pride, self importance and entitlement. These were developed as defenses especially for lightworkers who incarnated from the higher realms of spirit and were shocked and frightened to encounter the severity of life here on the Earth.

The protections served their purpose and are now obsolete. Become aware when spiritual pride and self importance are rising up within your consciousness, and pray to God for freedom from these energies.

HUMILITY is an expression of the natural state on Oneness with God. 

As God moves you into new positions with greater responsibility; humility and love will ensure that you succeed in your mission. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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