The Secrets of the Universe

by Jennifer Hoffman -

A Larger Perspective:

Every situation has multiple aspects that give a different meaning to it. You can see these different aspects according to your level of spiritual growth and understanding and more importantly, according to your willingness to look at everyone and everything in your life with unconditional love.

When you look at all situations with love you remove judgment and this allows you to have a much larger perspective on everything. Love allows you to know, to see into the heart of everything and to understand the truth.

Surrender to love to understand the secrets of the universe.

When the past is viewed from love all of the hurt and pain that were experienced have different meanings. 

They can be seen from the perspective of the soul's lessons and karmic journey. An angry spouse, abusive parent, difficult childhood or relationship takes on a different perspective when you surrender to love. The experiences may have been difficult but there is greater understanding and a glimpse into the truth. When you ask your questions will be answered if you ask from love.

The present moment is unfolding as each thought and experience manifests in your reality.

When you have surrendered to love and embraced it as the primary energy in your life you create your reality without fear. This allows you to walk along your spiritual path with confidence and trust. You can manifest effortlessly because you are connected to Source, to the universal energy, when you are walking in love.

Each person has come here to learn to reconnect, remember who they are and that they came from love and their journey home is simply a return to the love that they once knew and have simply forgotten. It is part of everyone's journey, including that of Lightworkers.

As each person learns to embrace and surrender to love they will spread the energy of love around the planet, raise the vibrations of the earth and of all of humanity and bring the love, peace, joy and abundance of heaven to earth for everyone.

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  1. The heart that is full of peace begins to glow and overflow. And the heart full of peace cannot help but do this, for this is the essence of inner peace, to overflow and become more than you were. Do not surrender love, we are still investing it as what Mr. Robert Scheinfeld teach us. I am reading his profile at