Path of Conscious Awareness

by Gwen Randall Young -

If we are on a path of conscious awareness, we may hold as an ultimate goal, ENLIGHTENMENT. Truthfully, few of us see ourselves becoming enlightened masters but still, we would like to learn some of the prerequisite skills.

Consider the possibility that enlightenment is not some nirvana-type experience that happens in a blinding flash, transforming us forever but is a process.

The experiences of daily life are the raw materials we are given to work with. 

Like a potter who begins with a lump of clay on the wheel, we shape and form our own development. We learn from our mistakes and sometimes have to start over.

If we are serious students, we incorporate the lessons from every failed attempt, and, ultimately, are able to manifest in the physical world what was once only a vision of beauty in our mind's eye.

Like the potter, the more centered and grounded we are, the more we are in control of our own inner processes. We become enlightened one life experience at a time. We may be very soulful and charitable in our volunteer service or amongst members of our spiritual community. However, a rebellious teenaged child of ours or a careless driver on the road may trigger a less charitable response.

The ecstatic, ethereal flash of enlightenment we read about in ancient texts may be, in the modern world as simple as that sinking gut feeling that we lost our cool and should not have spoken that way.

We all have those moments when our higher self seems to whisper information about a needed course correction in our behavior. 

We can ignore that voice for a long time. The moment of enlightenment is when we take full responsibility for our reactions and decide we will not, cannot, do it that way any more. It is when we realize the impact of our behaviors upon the innocent souls of others. (At the level of soul, we are all innocent.)

It is when we realize we each are microcosms of the bigger world and as we are, so is our world.

We cannot have polarity and conflict in our personal lives and at the same time, be aghast at the rising levels of conflict on a global scale.

Enlightenment is more like the dawning of a glorious sunrise than a big bang. 

Slowly, slowly, the light of awareness begins dawning in our consciousness. Gradually that light begins to infiltrate all we do, every aspect of our lives. The most beautiful part of the process comes when we begin to integrate that light into every aspect of our being and our own radiance begins to shine.

We then can begin to bring light into all kinds of dark corners in our world and in our lives. Enlightenment then, is a gift we all share as we work together to co-create it. That might just be what heaven on Earth is all about.

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