Spiritual Healing and Growth

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Which Path Do You Choose?

We can choose one of two paths to accomplish our spiritual healing and growth. One is easy, the other is hard. Each lesson comes with these two choices and we do have a choice as to which path we will take, although with many lessons, especially the challenging ones, a choice is not always apparent.

We are aware of this choice when we are not afraid, emotionally invested in the outcome or have the belief that the greater the struggle, the greater the reward. Which path do we choose?

We often choose the hard path for many reasons, it is our past experience that life is hard, we don't know any better, we are sure that if we work hard we will learn more, are just a few.

The bigger reason is that we don't see options for an easier way out of our situation because many of our lessons bring up our fears and doubts and make us feel powerless. 

So we react instead of responding, do the first thing that we can think of and hope for the best. As you have read here many times, powerless choices yield powerless results.

We don't choose the easier path, the path of least resistance, because we generally don't see it. But that doesn't mean it isn't there because it always is.

The easy path becomes obvious when we can practice detachment are not invested in the outcome that we want to have, are willing to let go of the process and trust that we will be guided to a successful outcome.

That sounds so easy, why would anyone choose the hard path? 

But the easy path takes trust and faith, a willingness to forgive and to surrender - not give up but remove our ego from the process and let ourselves be guided by the Universe.

As we approach a lesson if we can remember that we have the option to choose which path we will take through it, both paths become obvious to us. Both will require effort and our willingness to learn but the hard path will take us through it on an ego level; the easier path will take the spiritual route.

Whatever we choose is what is right for us - sometimes we need to take the hard path to remind ourselves that there is an easier way.

Whatever path we choose the destination is the same, we arrive at a new place on our spiritual journey with new understanding of ourselves, our connection and our path.

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