Heart Perception

by Yael and Doug Powell -

I Am the fulfillment of all of your longing, the longing for Love that lives deep in your heart that won’t be denied no matter how you fight it but lives on as a secret fire burning. I Am the sweet Love that washes your being, that listens and hears you in all you reveal -- spoken, unspoken or dreamed. I see all you are.

I know all you have experienced, every thought that has entered your mind, every secret desire and every aversion and I love you with a Love that will not be denied, that is as vast as the universe and as sweet as this moment, as infinite beyond the ability to describe.

I Am Love and I hold you and wrap you within Me. 

I promise you I will be with you forever and give you every good thing.

All of the ways that you have looked to be loved, I love you thus and so very much more. When you are held in this Love that is endless and cosmic, uplifting, soaring, vibrant and free, when I wrap you in comfort and hear every sorrow and reflect to you endlessly that you are perfect to Me, in every dream of Love’s greatest fulfillment I Am all to you that you can dream or imagine.

In every longing to be seen or to see, to have one who knows you and loves you completely knowing all that you are, have been or will be – this is the Love that is ever within you, that inspires you and allows you to aspire to be free.

This Love that would melt any heart and rebuild it into the glory of the cosmos, into the wholeness of God, this feeling of being completely respected and honored with the honor given to the Angels and tenderly cherished forever and ever – this feeling is alive in the center of you, in the place in your heart where we meet and are ever alive in the perfection of Love.

This is the feeling of true heart perception -- resting in a Love so grand and so strong that nothing can ever influence it, remove it or change it in any way at all.

The warmth of this Love that is vast and yet tender, totally cares and sees you completely – this is the place where your heart begins to see and the feeling of Love reveals all.

Heart perception begins with this feeling of My Love for you and your Love for Me and right now in this moment, no matter what has come before, no matter how many eons it has been buried under the debris of the illusory ideas of the mind, right now your heart opens and is free to accord the song of Love that you are as I see you in all of your magnificence and perfection.

Completely Unconditional

As each of you comes to this place of acceptance where you are ready to be the heart of the living whole of Love I Am, when you are ready to allow the heart center living so that the eye of the one heart of Love is your guide, then know that this feeling of Love is so unconditional that it knows every nuance of your life, of your soul and loves you completely.

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