The Growth Process and Progress


by Phil Evans -

As We Grow ... How Do We Know? 

Regardless of what type of learning curve we're on: whether it is on a personal development level; a spiritual level or our own business development level, it is often hard to actually see or feel our own growth! 

One of the most common observations from my clients, is that they have just done something in such a different way than they had ever done it before and were so amazed once they'd had time to actually think about it, that they made contact with me to let me know and usually to ask a variety of questions regarding their own growth process and progress.

Whatever it is that they did differently could fall into many categories.

It could be:

  • different reaction to some event; 
  • different reaction (or complete lack of reaction) to a particular person's way of doing things; 
  •  said 'no' to a situation where they would normally be dominated by someone or something; 
  • had a complete change of heart regarding a personal issue in their lives, etc.

The important thing was this: 

Their action was automatic; for the first time ever; without actually thinking about it!

This highlights the fact that so many people are hard on themselves as they are learning new things, because they usually don't have any true measure of their progress.

In my case, I certainly freely give out massive amounts of encouragement, as I realise the benefits of doing so but that doesn't always hit the mark either. Why? 

This little piece of verse may explain that ...
Flatter me and I may not believe you.
Criticize me and I may not like you.
Ignore me and I may not forgive you.
Encourage me, and I will not forget you. 
What I have found that works in helping people to actually grasp their own progress is to relate to some day-to-day situations which are about growth and recognition of progress.

The Subtlety of Growth

We've all known someone else who has recently had a new baby or puppy or kitten come into their lives. Sure we have. And each time we see their new acquisition over the next few months we are absolutely amazed at just how much they have grown! Happens all the time!

Now reflect back to the times when we've actually had a new baby, puppy or kitten enter our lives.

Each time one of our visitors mentions that they've grown so much since they saw them last, we actually say something like, "Oh, I haven't noticed really, probably because I'm here every day!”

That is the answer to becoming aware of our own growth: it is nearly always subtle - not seen or felt in big chunks!

Become more aware of your own progress and pat yourself on the back for it, as you congratulate yourself for having done a great job! You deserve the self-appraisal and the self respect that comes with it!

I'll leave you with this message — and it's just for you.
"Today is my day. May I greet it with a sense of pure wonder and live it so fully in the present that the past and the future have no hold on me. Today is my day to realize an unshakeable, unstoppable belief in my limitless possibilities."


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  1. Most excellent blog! I help people with their growth also. And we reach for the day-to-day situations that increase our empowerment and recognition...there's nothing greater for me than to see a client in a chronic pain cycle, grow past the adhesive..restrictions...(physical),to owning their domaine....(emotional), to imagining personal an object that is made out of the same "sky-metal" as the pins or rods attaching something within the body...(mental). (Spiritual),like many of the other growth measured by the individual as in encouragement.
    Glad I followed your link....Dig your style!