Understanding Quantum Reality

by Marie C. Barrett -

Quantum Physics and the Shift:

Quantum physics is showing us that we have entered one of the greatest paradigm shifts ever recorded in the history of modern man.

A twentieth century visionary, designer and author, by the name of Buckminster Fuller, devoted his life to answering a fascinating question,
"Does humanity have a chance to survive lastingly and successfully on planet Earth, and if so, how?" 
The answer to that question has huge ramifications for every one of us alive on the planet at this time.

Most of the workings of all the science of the twentieth century was invisible to the human senses but our experience of that science has been none the less real. The impact of such technologies as electricity, telephony, radio, TV, internet and electronics is clearly undeniable.

The age of solid mechanics is giving way to a new understanding of quantum reality. 

Quantum physics describes matter in terms of energy particles possessing a consciousness in accordance with the nature and function of the energy form.

Where once we thought all matter was observable and objective, we now know this matter is an energy consciousness, interconnected and holographic.

Every form of consciousness impacts all other consciousness. Quantum theory has changed the way we understand ourselves and our universe.

The fluttering wings of a butterfly change the universe forever through the dynamic ripple effect they produce in the realm of energy. 

Even the slightest disturbance of initial conditions of a nonlinear dynamical system grows exponentially.

This disturbance projects outwards with apparent randomness, thereby supporting aspects of chaos theory in physics.

I only mention such esoteric theories to demonstrate the relatively new focus of quantum physics on infinitely small quanta of light energy, unrecognizable in the science of the recent past.

We are far more complex than we ever realized and live in an energy universe swirling with waves and particles, creating, transmuting, discreating, morphing and in the midst of all this we humans are discovering our role in this creative universe.

If humanity has achieved such enormous strides in awareness and scientific discovery in these last few decades, how much more will we discover in the near future, given the exponential nature of our learning.

Is it possible that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg in understanding who and what we are, and the role we play and will play in the life of the universe in the future?

One thing we do know, that amid the chaos there is order. Within the unpredictability, there is purpose. 

That the energy set in motion by our thoughts cannot be stopped and must follow its course. We manifest what we energize by our thoughts, focus and expectation, experiencing the effects of our creations according to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity and the other universal laws now dawning on mainstream consciousness.

In fact, we are already experts in manifesting what we focus on. The sad reality appears to be, however, that because many of our programmed beliefs are based on negative ideas, most of us manifest lack instead of wealth and happiness in our lives.

Once we truly start to practice creating consciously and with focused intent, we will be able to create our proverbial heaven on earth.

The power of our mind to create and manifest, to determine what we experience as reality, is an amazing and exciting study.

We have as yet untapped its potential.

What will be our experience when we learn how to use the dormant 90% of our brain? In relation to just this one revelation of our human potential, I suggest we have a thrilling and wonderful future ahead.

It is my hope that day dawns sooner rather than later, that we make that quantum leap in conscious awareness that will herald the Shift and Ascension of the consciousness of humanity into higher dimensional consciousness.

We are striding towards critical mass, towards that instant when the relatively few will tip the scales of awareness for all humanity.

The momentum now building exponentially towards a quantum leap in consciousness cannot be stopped.

We have, each one of us, become aware of the necessity of change. Humanity’s innate desire to be more than we presently are, is the driving force sweeping us up in its wake. The countdown to our evolutionary leap is well and truly under way.

How can you help advance this Shift in consciousness?

Live in the present moment.

Be the observer of your own thoughts, listen to the silence between your breaths and develop your awareness of infinite life yearning to express itself through the wonderful person you are.

The Shift is at hand and we are privileged to witness and embrace it but it must begin for us within our own heart.

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