Collective Presencing: A New Human Capacity

Collective Presencing - a New Human Capacity (1 of 4)

This is the first in a series of articles introducing the phenomenon and practice of Collective Presencing, a new capacity evolving in humanity at this time.

Great thinkers have foreseen its coming— we recognise it in Aurobindo’s descent of the supramental and Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere. But what exactly do those terms mean? 
Where these gifted individuals intuited and envisioned the birth of this new collective capacity at the dawn of the last century, we are now starting to be able to describe it from experience.

While many might recognise the phenomenon from transpersonal group work and other such practices, so far as we are aware, this is the first attempt to articulate it as a path and a set of capacities that can be intentionally developed.

Collective Presencing - Circle of Presence (2 of 4)

Our first article gave an overview of the new human capacity we are starting to articulate —that we call Collective Presencing, the purpose of which is to allow us to systematically achieve collective wisdom. 

We described the two distinct phases that we see unfolding as a collection of individuals learns to become a collective capable of employing this capacity on behalf of the whole: firstly, becoming a circle of presence, then becoming a circle of creation.

This second article describes in more detail what it takes to become a circle of presence. What is the groundwork that individuals must do, through collective practice, in order to come into presence together as a collective container for a ‘circle being?’ And what is the journey like that brings us there?

Collective Presencing - the New Paradigm (3 of 4)

In the first two articles in this series, we introduced collective presencing as a new human capacity emerging at this time. 

The first article described a journey of individual and collective deepening and widening through a set of practices that can, over time, allow us first to achieve collective wisdom and later to become generative of more life. 

The second article took a more detailed look at the first phase in the process: what it takes to become a Circle of Presence.

We promised that the next article would treat the next phase, the Circle of Creation. On deeper reflection we came to see that the transition to the Circle of Creation represents such a paradigm shift that some wider context is needed before we broach that subject. This article offers that.

Collective presencing - Building capacity for Generative Collective Action in Service of Life (4 of 4)

As we journey towards the Circle of Creation, our starting point is a collective with all the capacities learned in the Circle of Presence—at ease with reaching collective wisdom together.

Our journey onward will see us moving into the world of potential and generativity—and ultimately of creation in action—without relinquishing the presence and awareness we have achieved so far, but spreading the nets of our collective inquiry further, wider and deeper; opening up in ever more directions and to ever more dimensions; culminating in a truly shared and generative space where ever more of life can happen through us.

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