Calling Forth a New Reality

by Peggy Black -

The dawning of the new age. 

This new age, this new reality of consciousness is being called forth by you. You are the instrument, the conscious voice, the frequency and the vibration that is bringing about the changes. There are tremendous changes occurring. 

We realize that in saying this you look out at your world and shake your head for there are still deep levels of dysfunction happening on the planet.

There is still discord being generated, especially by your media and those who run that aspect of reality. It is the focus upon this discord that engages the collective matrix and anyone who is still engaged in their own separate polarity will anchor the discord.

This is your personal opportunity to step into your power. 

You are being called forth to anchor a different reality. You are being invited to anchor a reality in which there is harmony and well-being.

We continue to encourage each individual to realize that you personally can hold the vision, the emotional frequency of a reality that supports all life. It is this awareness within each awakened individual that is truly calling forth a world in which there is peace within the hearts and minds of the collective.

This conscious action is taking place moment to moment in your lives and activities. You become the means of stability as you continue to hold the stable vision and offer the healing of the heart frequency into your experience.

We realize that what we are inviting you to express can feel impossible considering what is being out-pictured in the world events.

This is where your mastery is being activated. This is where you claim your magnificence as a multidimensional being. 

You are not powerless. You are truly powerful beyond measure.

Step into that realization, allow yourself to just imagine, even pretend that you have these superpowers that allow you to offer the collective the opportunity to heal.

Imagine that you have the superpowers to transform any event occurring in your reality.

These superpowers are always used only for the highest and the best for all concerned.

Each time you hear or see some discord or dysfunction, immediately offer the quantum field of all possibilities a new and different scenario.

Just imagine you are a multidimensional editor of the production that is being projected on the screen of reality. Imagine you can re-write the script. Imagine that you can re-write the outcome of any event, in your personal life or in the collective.

How would you orchestrate the news broadcast if anything were possible? 

Allow yourself to expand into the realms of light and truth in which the entire broadcast would be news of outstanding new inventions that offer solutions to your environment’s well-being, or the announcement of a phenomenal new discovery in the healing of your physical form.

Allow yourself to imagine feeling and even expressing the excitement of the extraordinary unfolding news of peace taking place upon your planet.

Realize that your news broadcast invites and offers an opportunity for you to focus on a different outcome. Imagine you could shift the situation or event being reported.

By your clear focused consciousness, see and feel a different solution, call forth the vision, the intention and the healing energy of transformation. This is your opportunity to use your conscious skills and alchemical mastery to co-create a new reality.

Play with this possibility that you can call forth a more harmonious, more loving, more conscious experience.

Imagine your work situation, allow yourself to envision how you would like this to unfold, feel it, allow your vibrations to own what it is you desire. 

Imagine your relationship with your family, your loved ones, see or sense in this playful imaginary reality that they are responding to you in a loving, conscious and supportive manner.

See yourself responding in a more loving and conscious manner to those in your life.

If there is an issue of dysfunction in your past, imagine yourself traveling the time line and editing that experience. Make sure when you edit any experience that it is in the highest form of healing for all concerned. You can use sounds to shift and transform and edit this experience.

This is where it all begins, in the field of energy, the quantum field of all possibility. 

Your personal power is holding the vision, the vibration and frequency until it manifests in physical form.

You call it forth by what you are offering with your thoughts, words, beliefs and emotions.

If it feels impossible to do this from your present situation, we invite you to pretend and claim your superpowers to shift and transform any situation.

There is an intense shift taking place within the hearts and minds of all humans.

Some are resisting, some are confused, and some are celebrating this shift in consciousness. Each individual is awakening to their true connection to the collective consciousness.

Each individual is beginning to recognize and own the awareness that all is one. 

When you shift an attitude, when you shift a belief, when you release a judgment it is felt in the collective matrix.

When you envision, when you hold the awareness of compassion, love and appreciation in your heart frequency, you are adding this to the collective consciousness. You are imprinting the quantum field with your personal vibration of compassion, love and appreciation.

You are claiming your superpowers as a multidimensional starbeing. You are claiming your personal connection to the Divine Source as a true focus and anchor of transformational energy. 

You are calling forth a new reality. 

Your energy frequency and your visional vibration are joining others of like mind and heart.

Once these visions of life-sustaining energy gather in the infinite field of creation they become form, they are made manifest. 

Each time you send forth a vision, a desire that is generated from the chalice of your heart’s awareness; it goes forth and joins the vibrations and frequencies of similar entrainments.

This becomes a force of change. This becomes an energy field calling forth and anchoring a new pattern, a new paradigm.

We honor and celebrate who you are as conscious divine multidimensional starbeings. You are truly making a difference in the lives of others each time you send forth your blessings of peace, your blessings of compassion.

Each time you send forth your energy of forgiveness, you are uplifting the collective consciousness. Each time you envision a different and more life-sustaining outcome you are literally calling it forth. Do not be discouraged; hold the visions, and pretend the visions. Allow your sixth senses of knowing to emerge. 

Allow yourself to step into your superpowers of co-creating a better world.

Call forth support and assistance from the realms of Light and Love. Be the inviter of this divine presence and invite divine spirit in all its magnificence to join you in the transformation and healing of all that is before you. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

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