Principles of Conscious Reality Creation

by DL Zeta -

By practicing conscious reality creation, you are able to align with the Law of Attraction and energize new fields of probability. 

As you come into resonance with your desired creation, you begin to transform your reality, often entering a reality that exists parallel to your present moment. 

By bringing all your selves into alignment and practicing the Steps of Conscious Reality Creation, you can begin to practice the principles of conscious reality creation. 

Principles of Conscious Reality Creation
1) Maintain focus on creating joy in the life, which implies a readiness to release all that is not aligned with joy. This intention will begin a clearing of all emotional states that stand in the way of living at the vibratory level of joy. 
2) Practice radical self-responsibility. This involves accepting responsibility for all creations in all time. It is impossible to create the reality of your highest dreams when you are holding thoughtforms of negativity, blame and victimhood. Look at every situation in your life to see how you created it, and how it is assisting you in your growth and evolution. 
3) Express openness to all existing realities. This means you are willing to observe and consider alternate and parallel realities. 
4) Trust that the universe is always bringing you experiences to help you grow. In this way, nothing is bad or good, just what is needed in the present moment. 
5) Cultivate an active imagination and believe that whatever your imagination brings you is real. 
6) Believe that you are already whatever it is you may imagine creating. Some aspect of you is already in vibratory resonance with the images your imagination brings you. 
7) Be willing to become the person who can bring your desires into being. 
8) Align your desired creation with your spiritual (life) purpose. 
9) Study and understand the Law of Attraction. 
10) Unite all your selves in creating reality. When you have inner unity, you are able to create from a place of clear focus and inner peace. The realities you enter from this place will carry the vibration of clarity and peace.

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