Steps To Higher Vibrational Health

by Mary Kurus -

Part of the ageing process means that the vibrations within you, penetrating you and around you are slowing down. This is ageing. Organs and systems work slower and less effectively that when they were younger. Eventually they just stop working. 

Our physical, electro-magnetic, magnetic and electric systems become damaged, clogged up, numb, and much weaker than when we were young.

The chemical system, the hormone system, each cell works more and more slowly until it barely works, and then it stops working completely and we depart Mother Earth.

A healthy organ and system vibrates at a high rate when it is healthy, regardless of your age. High vibrations mean vibrant health.

Vibration is energy and energy is alive and intelligent. To live long and healthy you need to keep your systems vibrating at high levels.

Scientists can now tell us about the rate of vibration and functioning of major organs and systems within us. They tell us that when you have the flu the rate of vibration lowers from the optimum high rate.

When you have pneumonia the rate of vibration is even lower. And when you have cancer the rate of vibration is very low. They are not able to yet tell us what causes the vibrations of our organs and systems to decrease but they can now at least provide these types of readings. 

Many alternative practitioners have been saying for some time now that the cause for lower vibrations is a combination of parasites, worms, viruses, fungus, chemical, metal and atomic poisons, repressed emotions, and many other factors I’ll discuss in this article.

The secret to living a life that is intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually vibrant is to have very high vibrations. 

Steps To Higher Vibrational Health

Step 1 - Admit You Have a Problem

Before you can begin to find a solution, you need to admit you have a problem. The symptoms you might be experiencing could include an overall general dissatisfaction with your life, a feeling of “so what” or “is that all there is”.

You may be experiencing health problems feeling fatigued and debilitated, lacking in energy, not sleeping well. You may find yourself angry, fearful, depressed, fatigued, or with a general anxiety and uneasiness about your life.

You can blame society, the government, your parents, your husband/wife, your children, your job, the fact that the sun is shining or that it’s raining, there’s always someone or something to blame.

If you take a moment you will admit that you rarely feel happy, grateful, or satisfied with your life, that you don’t understand the cause of your dissatisfaction, and that you might be part of the problem. After all, if you do have the answers why are you unhappy?

The first step to vibrant health is to admit you have a problem and that you are part of that problem. You need to admit that your life is not bringing you the satisfaction you want, and that this is affecting your health and this will most likely affect how long and vibrantly you will live.

Step 2 - Make A Decision

The first step in the journey to a long and vibrant life is to make the decision that you want to life a life that is fulfilled, happy and long, and that this is really what you want.

Some people will decide they want to continue their current lifestyles and would rather do that and live a shorter life than make the required changes. It’s a huge decision to make to live a long life since it will require major changes in many aspects of your life.

This is a deep decision that requires serious consideration of the potential changes required. Please read the following steps carefully since they will help to guide your thinking and decision making process. Often we decide things incrementally, in stages.

Life rarely flows along a smooth line, but rather resembles a roller coaster but one that has many side rails. Sometimes the ride is smoother and sometimes it is rougher with high peaks and valleys.

Making a decision to live long and healthy requires a plan or roadmap. Your roadmap needs to be yours since only you can truly design what is essential for your vibrant health. Take time to make a decision and to design your roadmap. This means truly loving yourself and caring about yourself.

Step 3 - Taking Inventory

The first step to developing a plan is to take a look at what you have right now. There will be many good elements to your life and you will want to treasure and keep. There will be elements that are problematic and that require change but that you want to keep and there will be elements that need to be eliminated. 

To make these decisions you need to make an inventory that identifies what you might want to keep, change or eliminate from your life.


It’s helpful to break things down into pieces even though these elements are integrated in our lives. I like to look at the physical elements, intellectual/ mental elements, emotional elements and spiritual elements in our lives.

It’s important to write this inventory down. Reality is easier to achieve when it’s in writing in front of us. It’s essential to put your Inventory into writing.
Physical Health: 
Write down your normal living physical habits of today and be sure to identify the positive practices as well as those not so healthy. Do you eat healthy foods or do you eat a lot of sugar, junk foods, lots of processed foods, drink quite regularly, and eat out a great deal - most restaurant food is loaded with fat and sugar. 

Have you been checked for digestive food sensitivities to identify foods to be eliminated from your diet? Is the water you’re drinking vibrating at a high rate or are you drinking tap water or distilled water - both are dead water with no vibration at all? Are you exercising on a regular basis? Are you detoxifying on a regular basis? Do you know if you have mineral or vitamin deficiencies? Are you tired and fatigued on a regular basis? Are you sleeping deeply, peacefully, and sufficiently?


If you want to raise the vibrations of water/food to high levels I suggest you use one of the copper coils made by a man called Slim Spurling. You can find out about his Light-Life Rings at These coils can raise the rate of vibration of all water and food to very high rates.
Energetic Health: 
Have you had your auras and chakras checked for blockages or under-activity? Are you doing the Five Tibetan Rites, an energetic exercise program to activate your chakras, and endocrine system - and activating your endocrine system is said to reverse ageing? Are you spending at least one half hour outdoors daily to absorb the energizing rays of the sun and other elements of the Universe? Are you clearing your auras and chakras daily? Are you ensuring your chakras are running without distortion and that there are no holes in your auras?
Emotional Health: 
Are you excessively angry, lonely, unduly fearful, depressed, bored, stressed, feeling guilty, grieving excessively, over-reacting to situations, looking after others and not yourself, isolated, full of regret, full of resentments, blaming others for how you feel, or procrastinating? 

Do you know yourself and are you fully present and aware of your emotional reactions? Do you escape being present with yourself and others through working or exercising too much , being too busy, over-eating, drinking, smoking, drugging?

Do you try and control those around you, a certain symptom of underlying fears. Do you have emotional issues from the past buried within you that are affecting you in today? Do you have loving friends in your life? Are you part of a community, a family/friends? Do you feel love for yourself and others?

Are you able to express your emotions with those who are directly involved in situations dealing with your emotional states in a calm and constructive manner? People who cannot express their emotions often have difficult and unfulfilled relationships.

Identify the emotions troubling you the most and what you perceive to be the cause of these emotions. Sometimes we need to change perspective on issues and at other times we need to make substantive changes in our work, relationships, activities. 

We need to look at things slowly and not make rash decisions that we might later regret. Emotions can be tricky and it helps to have someone look at our findings before we take major steps in our lives.
Intellectual/ Mental Health: 
Are you being creative in your everyday life? Are you enjoying learning in a new or expanding area in your life? Are you able to concentrate or focus? Do you have difficulty remembering things? Do you have the time and energy to learn and create in your life today?
Spiritual Health: 
  • Are you spending time in prayer and meditation on a daily basis? 
  • Are you living in truth with yourself and others, not pretending to be or to believe that which is not true for you? Do you trust yourself and others in relationship? 
  • Do you have compassion for yourself and others? 
  • Do you have a relationship and live in faith with the Universal Power/ God of your understanding? 
  • Do you come from a place of fear or love? 
Fear based thinking and behavior causes a different set of chemicals to be released in your body. Sustained released of these chemicals damages the endocrine system which accelerates ageing. Spiritual health definitely affects physical health.
Underlying Limiting Beliefs: 
After identifying the emotions causing difficulties in your life, try to identify what are often called your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things you believe to be true but which really are not true.

For example you might not believe that you really should be living a life that’s rich with material blessings. Or perhaps you believe that you’re not intelligent enough or gifted enough to study something that really interests you. 

Another limiting belief might be that you are too old to begin the type of a program that I’m suggesting. We place so many limitations on ourselves and these limitations keep us from living life to its richest and fullest blessings. You can find heaven on earth, regardless of your age, and you can begin at any age.

Taking a personal inventory is a major undertaking and you might find it helpful to do it in stages, but it’s essential to complete this type of an inventory in support of a long and vibrant life.

Choming Flower Essences, Tree Essences, Gem Essences and Grass Essences can give you a great deal of support as you travel on your journey towards a healthier and longer life. They can help you with physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual issues. I hope you take the time to read about some of the 170 or so Choming Essences on my website at

Step 4 - Identify Changes Required in Your Life - Make a Plan of Action

There can be so many changes you feel you need to make that you need to be gentle in identifying what you might like to change and then setting some simple priorities. Develop a set of priorities for your improved physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well being. All are required if you want to get younger and live longer. Be gentle with yourself and try to be realistic about how quickly you can change things.

Many years ago I read somewhere that there are three types of difficulty one experiences in life. There are difficulties of commission or the things we do, omission or the things we don’t do, and disposition the way we are towards others, our attitudes and general disposition. 

Doing good deeds with arrogance and superiority and without compassion is called a difficulty of disposition. We need to look thoroughly at all three areas in this inventory.

I have been working on changes in all areas of my life for the past 30 years and I have made great progress but have much more to do. What counts is that I’m deeply committed to a healthy and spiritual way of life and that I’m making progress. I remember in my early 30s when I wanted to change my sleeping habits, it took me two and one half years to make the change. 

I had become accustomed to going to sleep at about 2Am and was very tired for work every day. It took many experiments and much effort to learn to go to sleep at 11PM most evenings. They say it takes a minimum of one year to change a habit and often two to three years for new habits to become fully entrenched.

Step 5 - Decide On Your Priorities For the Next 6 - 12 Months

This is a grounding step that helps you to put excessive idealism into perspective and to begin to decide on what you can actually do. You might need to do some reading and studying before you can begin to work in a specific area? For example, if you have anger issues, you might want to investigate different ways of releasing negative emotions and take a few workshops to learn different methods for releasing negative emotions.

You will need to do a full detoxification first. My experience in my practice has shown me over and over again that people who feel tired, depressed and ill need to build up their physical energy first before they can deal effectively with emotional, intellectual, and spiritual issues. This often means a full detoxification program for elimination and cleansing. 

Remember that very often, fatigue and depression are caused by parasites, candida and other physical invaders, not just emotional issues. Cancer in its early stages also causes fatigue and depression. A vibrational detoxification can eliminate the causes of these physical symptoms.

Step 6 - Review Your Inventory and Plan of Action With Another Person

This step is difficult for many people but it’s an essential step when developing a plan of action for change. Showing this inventory and future plan of action to another human being takes humility, courage and a deep commitment to change. 

You might consider a therapist, counselor, Minister, Priest or Rabbi, or someone who you trust not just for confidentiality but also for guidance, wisdom and good common sense. Confidentiality is very important so choose someone who you know you can trust to keep your personal inventory and plans completely confidential.

So often we don’t understand the amount of time and effort that’s required to make real and sustainable changes. Reviewing your plan with another person will help you to be realistic and moderate in your expectations of yourself. If you try to achieve too much too quickly you will become discouraged and give up. We change by taking small steps, a little at a time.

Step 7 - Undertake a Deep Vibrational Detoxification Program

Vibrational Detoxification and Cleansing - Vibrational detoxification with Choming Essences will increase the rate of vibration of your organs and systems helping you get younger and live longer. 

It’s an essential step for long and vibrant health to do a complete detoxification that includes eliminating all parasites, worms, viruses, cellular fungus, other fungus overgrowths such as candida, cleansing out metal, chemical and atomic poisons, and poisons from pollution, pesticides and many other sources. You cannot have vibrant health as long as any of these invaders live within you.

I estimate that today more than 75% of North Americans and Europeans have what I call invaders such as parasites, worms, etc. I estimate that Asians have even higher percentages. Many have residues of vaccinations they received as children. They are filled with toxins from pollution and chemicals. 

Their homes are filled with negative energy. The sources and effects are endless. A vibrational detoxification program with Choming Essences will eliminate these invaders and cleanse the toxins from not only your physical body but also your energetic body with you and your auras and chakras around you.

Vibrational detoxification with Choming Essences will help to increase the rate of vibration of your organs and systems, an extremely important step to longer life. Herbs and fasting and other detoxification methods cannot penetrate in the same manner that vibration penetrates. 

They also cannot detoxify your energetic systems. Vibrational detoxification is deep, slow, and very powerful. For more information about vibrational detoxification please visit my website at for more information.

One important word of caution. Choming Essences can raise your inner vibrations but your systems will not sustain the high vibration if lifestyles are not changed to eliminate what caused the low vibrations in the first place. 

In some cases children have picked up worms and parasites at an early age and lifestyle changes are not the issue. However, over the years adults develop many bad habits that require elimination to sustain high rates of vibration and a long life.

Step 8 - Identify and Eliminate Foods Causing You Digestive Difficulties

To live a long life that is vibrant at a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level, you must learn a great deal about the food you can, cannot, and should eat and make the adjustments required to your daily diet. In my practice I am finding that so many clients have deep digestive food sensitivities and that elimination of certain foods is the only option. 

Some can introduce major changes to their diets easily, while others introduce the changes slowly and gradually. For more information about digestive food sensitivities please read my article “All About Food Sensitivities and Healing With Choming Flower Essences, Tree Essences and Gem Essences” on my website Regardless, the changes must take place if you want to age with vigor and vitality.

I conduct Vibrational Assessments and one complete section in this Vibrational Assessment identifies your personal Digestive Food Sensitivities. Please visit my website at for more information.

Affluent societies have broadened the use of food for pleasure, creativity and entertainment, not just for the purpose of nourishment. Food has always been used to bond families and communities, as part of many types of celebrations. 

Societies today have access to a much broader range of foods as well as the means to enjoy eating in restaurants as never before. However it is now bringing many difficulties as well. If you’re having difficulty giving up certain foods, you will need to examine carefully your relationship with food and the role it plays in your life.

Step 9 - Meditation and Prayer

We humans live in an energetic world surrounding us that is complex and beautiful beyond imagination. Unfortunately the majority cannot see the beauty of this energy around us. There are many forms of intelligent energy available to us at a moments notice if we will but take the time to train ourselves and to become open to these energies. 

Meditation and prayer are the most effective means of learning to work with the intelligent energies of the Universe. Meditation and prayer are essential to vibrant and long and healthy living. The benefits far exceed the normal benefits expected of meditation that are relaxation or a reduction of stress.

Meditation is a process that connects you with the invisible center of the intelligence of the Universe. It’s through the process of meditation that you quiet the mind so that you can connect with deep powers within the Universe. Meditation takes you to that place where you no longer think or have thoughts but where your mind is silent and your body is deeply relaxed. As the mind relaxes so the body relaxes.

Meditation helps you move into the Mind/ Body healing that has been talked about so much for the past 10 years. It takes much time and practice to achieve meditations where the mind no longer thinks and where you are deeply relaxed. 

Many visualization techniques taught today as a means to influence your subconscious are considered to be shallow and cannot produce the benefits they promise. To change beliefs/ elements in your subconscious, meditation states must be deep and to achieve this you must contact and connect deeply with the soul of intelligence in the Universe.

Certain Choming Essences can help you move more deeply into meditative states. The most complex and helpful essence to meditation that I have made to-date is the Whalebone Essence. It’s an essence that makes you want to slow down your life, to realize that being you is perfect, you don’t have to achieve anything or be anything special, being you is perfect to love. 

If you live near a good Rock Shop, ask them to get you a piece of whalebone and hold it in both hands the next time you meditate. But VERY IMPORTANT - have someone clear the piece of bone of all viruses and other invaders that might reside in the whalebone. Many of whalebones today are not clean and should not be handled until someone has cleansed them of all impurities.

Meditation will bring amazing benefits to your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being. It will strengthen your intuition and ability to just “know”. It will help you to get in touch with your deeper self, what some call different layers of your personal consciousness.

Prayer is the two-way communication between you and the God or Universal Power of your understanding. Prayer involves speaking and listening. Gregg Braden has written a wonderful book about how to pray and achieve results through your prayers called “ The Isaiah Effect”.

Step 10 - Review and Update Your Inventory and Plan Once a Year

A plan is a limited tool that helps you to begin moving towards a certain goal - vibrant health and long life. But a plan is outdated the moment it is completed. All plans are very imperfect. We are all limited and can only see a certain part of ourselves at any given point in time. 

It’s therefore important to review your plan at least once a year, see the progress you have made, and update your plan and priorities for the upcoming year. For the first year it would help you to review your plan every four to six months, to help you keep moving towards your personal goals. 

You might begin my having physical priorities for the first year and then moving on to other issues in future years, the options are truly limitless.

Step 11 - Other Alternative Healing Modalities

Today there are many new vibrational healing modalities evolving that it’s difficult to keep up with such exciting developments. Many alternative practices can provide good support to helping you get younger and living longer.

I personally believe that healing with sound and color are the two deepest alternative healing methods that can help people live longer and with more vibrancy. I suggest you investigate resources in your area that would strengthen and support your healing journey especially in healing with sound. 

Ancient societies, much more knowledgeable than ours in healing with vibration, used sound and color to heal at physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

Step 12 - Have Fun, Laugh and Enjoy a Vibrant and Long Life

We are meant to have fun and enjoy being on Mother Earth. Life is not a punishment or an opportunity to learn lessons. It’s a journey where we are meant to feel real joy and happiness. It is said that it’s not what happens to us that matters so much as our attitude to what happens. 

Have fun, have a good time. Be creative and that can mean cooking, gardening, running marathons, studying, writing, traveling, as well as painting, sculpting, whatever gives you deep pleasure. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or others unnecessarily do whatever is fun for you.

We need to have laughter in our lives, to hear ourselves laugh deep and heartily. A life without laughter is guaranteed to be lacking in spirituality. There are many serious issues in this world but we must learn not to take ourselves too seriously. We are but a tiny speck of sand in the ocean of life.
Live your life to its fullest. 
Focus on your journey in today and not the result it might or might not produce tomorrow. Let go of your regrets of the past. Live a life filled with love for your Universal Power, yourself and everyone on this and other planets. I love the following prayer that helps me put many issues into a healthier and more balanced perspective.
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

About Author: Mary Kurus is a Canadian Vibrational Consultant who conducts detailed Vibrational Assessments that identify the physical, energetic and emotional areas that are affecting your health today. Mary also makes vibrational medicines called Choming Vibrational Essences and Choming Herbal Tinctures that can change your energy so that you feel vital and healthy again. Mary has written many articles about vibrational healing which can be found on her Website at You can contact Mary for a Vibrational Assessment at (613) 733-2856 or e-mail her at

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