Exploring Trust

by Jennie Griffin -

7 Heart-centered messages of Trust from a variety of perspectives:

Join our contributors as they journey into the world of Trust, visiting vulnerability and inner power along the way, touching on forgiveness and surrender, all the while exploring what it means to Trust.

The articles are divided into thematic groups (What is Trust?, Getting to Trust, Trust and Surrender plus The Gifts in Trust)  and within each, links are provided to both the author’s about page and directly to the article. courtesy of

What is Trust?
Martine Joseph examines wisdom found in A Course in Miracles. In her piece, Trust in What you Really Want, she outlines the six stages of Trust, and the gifts that come of allowing yourself to flow with each one. She reminds us, 
You can move beyond struggle, gain or loss. You Are the Light. You Are All of It! It’s time to extend and share who you are. Heaven is here!’
Getting to Trust
Roberta Fitzsimmons, with us from Roberta Relates, asks important questions about the level of trust you feel, and the root(s) of your perceptions. In her article, Question: To Trust Or Not To Trust? she poses a number of questions designed to move you towards a more trusting perspective. Why not ask yourself a few, such as,
‘What is the story I tell myself about trusting this person? Will I be ok if they reject me or my ideas? Am I able to trust without attachment to a specific outcome?’
Renee Avard, of Catch a Falling Star also looks at Trust from an internal perspective. She reminds us, in Listen to your Heart Whispers Before Making a Decision, that 
A bird does not rest itself on a branch counting on the branch to hold him up, he places his trust in himself that his wings would work and he would be able to fly and save himself. 
She asks us to fall in love with ourselves first and dive into the experience of trusting, reclaiming our power in the process.

Trust and Surrender
Lorraine Watson of Follow Your Light explores a twist of Trust where not trusting leads to more. Instead of asking ‘who do I trust’, the question ‘who am I being?’ opens up the space to see where our Inner Power has been given away. In her offering, Trust without Trust, she writes, 
‘Trust because you don’t have to. Allowing who you are within to flow full out is the greatest expression, and receipt of trust for all.’
Pamela Jorrick (ZestyMom) offers a piece called Learning to Leap, in which she discusses the sometimes frightening leaps of faith, and the level of trust involved in taking them. She writes, 
Everyone knows change is natural, but it’s also really uncomfortable, especially when you really have no freaking idea what’s next. Generally, I like to plan, analyze and ponder (and sometimes end up way overthinking things.) But I’m finding that sometimes, in uncharted waters, all that planning just stresses me out...’
Jenny has contributed a piece this month entitled Romancing Trust. In it she explores the idea of trust as an inherent quality of our divinity, if only we can find our way (back) to Source. She writes, 
What are we surrendering to, when we follow the path towards trust? Ourselves, and Source. We’re surrendering to the idea that separation is a fallacy that exists only in our minds, and that we are Divine representations of Oneness.’

The Gift(s) in Trust
Karen Riordan Palmer from Positively Pets and Kids looks at Trust through the lens of forgiveness. In Trust, the Ultimate Act of Forgiveness, she writes, 
It takes Trust to have the Faith to Forgive!‘ 
She writes of her journey through the patterns of abuse to healthier and more fulfilling relationships, which involved shifting into trust and forgiveness. At the end, she provides us with three steps she uses to move into a mindset of forgiveness.

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