Points of View

by James Clair Lewis -

The Ego, being a focal point of Consciousness in the Material World, must necessarily have its own point of view, (otherwise how could it relate to what's going on?). 

Each Ego develops a World View and a set of attitudes, which color perception and channel how the Ego will interpret and react to events happening around it.

Depending upon how Enlightened a person happens to be, this world view will correspond (or not) to what is actually happening. 

It can happen that a person's World View may be so far afield from reality, that it is unable to actually relate to things as they are but instead, the person relates to things solely upon their own beliefs of what is going on and is for all practical purposes, totally in their own head.

Are you bound by beliefs?

I'm sure you've seen this happen. It's difficult not to notice when somebody is so bound by their beliefs, that they can only relate to them and not truly see you at all. Pretty frustrating, too, isn't it?

Now I am not 'exactly' what you could call a mainstream thinker. I began studying and practicing both Eastern and Western Metaphysics and Occultism in 1967, when I was 16.... enough time so that I might actually know something about this stuff as a matter of working knowledge. 

Thoughts Effect Conditions

One of the major themes of this sort of thinking, is that our thoughts, beliefs and world view actually have considerable effect upon the conditions that occur around us.

Generally this notion is only taken to the point of saying that we gravitate conditions into our lives that correspond with how we view our relationship with the Universe. 

So if you think negatively, you will miss opportunities, while if you think positively, all sorts of wonderful things can happen. They say that "thoughts are things" and it is most certainly true that every discovery began with an observation and that every invention, began with an idea.

Obviously, I believe this to be true. But I would like to take this just a step further and show you a bit of how what is called Magick actually operates. 

Our Preconceptions

You see, our preconceptions not only shape how we interpret what is going on around us but they also affect the behavior of the people we deal with. 

It is like our attitudes put a sort of Spell upon people. If you hold an attitude about somebody, you sort of make it difficult for that person to behave much differently than how you conceive of them.

I think the extent of this subtle effect is proportional to how closely it matches things going on inside that individual. If a person's attitude about somebody else is hopelessly colored by their own hopes and fears, it's not going to mesh very well. 

However, if the attitude has some basis in reality, then it will attach to some degree and bring out that quality in that individual. So if you expect somebody to be difficult or angry, you really are making it rather difficult for them to behave in any different way around you.

Ah... but here's the Key. 

If you observe carefully, you will discover what the best qualities actually exist in somebody you deal with on a regular basis. Then, if you make the effort to think about them as being their best self, you can actually draw those inherent good qualities out in them. Try it! Have you got anything to lose?

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