Spiritual Enlightenment

by Lynn Claridge -

The first step to attain higher levels of spirituality is through Spiritual Enlightenment, a process of absorbing knowledge and wisdom without Judgment.

Are you able to tell me what enlightenment means? If not let me explain. 

When I put this question to my clients, they give me a list of things, not just material items but many other things that include love, family and peace. In all the cases, there is something to attain. 

Let me tell you that there is nothing to attain because you already have it, however, there is stuff to discard. 

Once you do this, it leaves you in an enlightened state and it is in this state that you will find happiness.

There are many reasons to seek enlightenment. 

Enlightenment is an ideal state of being, that you achieve via an ongoing process. It is a process of allowing the right amount of consciousness to shine through your physical being. 

Let me explain it another way. When you are enlightened, you liberate yourself from the physical world. This means you have the ability to witness your thought process.

Your thoughts create your future and physical reality. 

You currently identify with your thoughts, you live your life inside your thought process, and you should realize your thoughts are separate from you. 

The vast major of your thinking is done without you being aware of it. When you are enlightened, you free yourself from being swept up in your thinking process, therefore, you liberate yourself from any thought that is not your choice.

Did you know you currently suffer every time you wrestle with your emotions, argue about something or agonize over a decision? Sometimes this can be short lived and mild, however, at other times, it is extremely painful and remains with you for a long time. 

When you are free from suffering, you are free and have more choices.

Desire means you are unsatisfied and in this state, your wants are driven by your emotions. 

Without desire you can still have, however, your wants are closer to preference. When you experience this, you will understand freedom from the material world. This does not mean you cannot have something you want; it just means you are unaffected if you do not get it.

The “truth” is the way that the world really is. 

Being able to see the “truth” means you see beyond the physical side of others. You see who you really are. It means you can read between the lines and you hear what others are saying.

Some people know the process of looking for spiritual enlightenment as “the search for the holy grail” however, this is not so, it is achieved by removing the obstacles. These obstacles are inside you, they are created by your mind.

Have you noticed how I have said nothing about religion, have you also noticed how I have not mentioned morals and have you noticed how I have not told you what you can or cannot do. Good. 

Now I will tell you how enlightenment really helps in everyday life.

To get into this state means you can transmit energy in the form of ideas and words.

What does it mean to experience Spiritual Enlightenment?

  • Enlightenment is a continuous realization that you are an eternal being. 
  • It comes from a deeper knowing that you are beyond body and behind the mind. 
  • It is celebrating every moment of the day, with the feeling of being connected to the universe, as if it is a living, breathing conscious, which loves you unconditionally. 
  • It is surrendering to the truth everywhere you are.

Experience Your True Self

So here is, you answer, spiritual enlightenment is a process of peeling back the many layers of your ego to experience your true self. 

It is a process of opening up to your inner most being. Reaching towards the center of you, true enlightenment is the very essence of your being it is where your true spiritual knowledge resides.

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