7 Tips for Self-Inquiry and Gaining Inner Peace

by Remez Sasson -
There is a deeper consciousness inside everyone, hidden beneath layers of thoughts, feelings and desires. This consciousness is like a strong bulb of light, which covers upon covers of thoughts, feelings and desires hide. 
The purpose of self-inquiry is to remove the covers, let this bulb of light – this consciousness, shine unhindered.
After removing these covers hiding your “inner self”, your awareness and insight expands, and you experience happiness, bliss and inner peace.
You can compare this process to taking off the colored glasses, through which you see the world. This allows you to see life and reality as it is, without filters, leading you greater understanding about you and about life.
How do you remove the colored glasses? How do you remove the covers hiding your deeper consciousness – your essence? 

You do this by removing the layers upon layers of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and desires hiding your true self.
The process of removing the covers is called self-inquiry, and has been made available to the public through the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Below, you will find a simplified version of how to use self-inquiry.
7 Tips for Self-Inquiry and Gaining Inner Peace
  1. Find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for at least ten minutes.
  2. Sit down comfortably and relax your mind and your body.
  3. Calmly, watch your thoughts as they come and go.
  4. As each thought enters your mind and claims your attention, ask yourself, to whom, does this thought belong, without using words and without thinking. The answer would come through your intuition.
  5. Treat each thought with lack of interest and detachment and be careful not to follow it. Time and again, you might find yourself following your thoughts and forgetting what you intended to do. Your strongest ally should be your perseverance.
  6. Don’t analyze your thoughts, just look at them with detachment, as if watching a boring movie.
  7. Always bring your mind back to just watch your thoughts without getting involved with them.
The important point to remember while practicing self-inquiry is to detach yourself from your thoughts. 

Developing this attitude, would give you power over your thoughts and desires, and enabled you to silence your mind. 

This would lead to inner peace, awakening, and letting your “true self” shine unhindered by any sort of cover hiding it.
In time, if you repeat self-inquiry every day, you will discover that your mind is becoming quieter and producing less useless and restless thinking. 

The compulsion to think and follow every thought would decrease, and you will begin experiencing a sweet taste of inner peace in your everyday life.

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