The Family of Humanity

by Gloria Wendroff -

Whose heart could you lift right now? 

Let Me rephrase the question. Whose heart could you not lift right now? Whose heart cannot use some lifting? Who has not had troubles in his life? Who has not been hurt? Who is not still carrying some scars?

The need for upliftment is great.

What if you actually believe that everyone is your brother or your sister or mother or father or son or daughter?

What are the changes that such a view would make in you?

If everyone you touched with even a dot of love gave that dot to another, how long would it take before everyone would have felt the touch of your love?

How long would it take before everyone would bless everyone?

Then where would the base emotions go? There would be no place for anger, greed, selfishness, insecurity, fear and so on to exist. Everyone would feel the support of loving arms.

 Think of it, everyone would be brother, sister, mother, father, and child to you. Who would not be your family?

We would truly have the Family of Humanity on Earth.

When everyone helps everyone else, who would need help? Where would be the room for suffering? Who could possibly shoot another? Who would not be helped across the street? Who would go hungry when there is food for all?

No one would sacrifice, oh, not at all.

When all are welcome and all extend themselves, sacrifice wouldn't exist. Joy would take its place.

Picture a world where love abounds. Picture a world filled with Greatness. Everyone would be enlightened.

One Nation, One Family, One World

You wouldn't want enlightenment just for yourself. You would want it for everyone. You wouldn't have it any other way. You would want everyone to rise with you.

No one would even think of competing. There would be love for all and no need for solace to anyone. There would indeed be One Nation, One Family, One World.

I can think of no better picture than to think of where all would be included. 

There would be no exclusion, no banishment, no imprisonment, no punishment, no crime, no wrongs. All would be right with the world. Everyone would have a pillow to rest his head on.

All children would be everyone's. No one would be motherless or fatherless. The word orphan would be unknown. There would be no foster parents either because every child would belong to all. There would be no adoptions either because there would be no need to adopt when every child is yours to begin with.

There would be no thieves, for who would even think of stealing from his neighbor or himself? All would be neighbors, and in the fullness of light, you would indeed love your neighbor as yourself. You would know above all that your neighbor is yourself.

You would see Me in everyone, which is to say, you would see yourself in everyone. 

Words like Thou and I would no longer exist. Words like Thou and I would be preposterous. No one would know what the meaning of such words could possibly be. The concept would be unheard of.

All would be We. 

We would become so grand and wonderful that We would inevitably become I again, and We all would know that there is definitely, definitively, only One and how wonderful that One would be.

Savor this world I ask you to picture now, for this picture will manifest itself right before your eyes.

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