Making Peace


by Christopher Sell -

It is easy to assume that in your world peace is simply the absence of something: turbulence, distress or war. Perhaps, even, that peace suggests an absence of life – ‘may you rest in peace’ you say for those who have died.

I suggest that peace is not an absence, but a presence. 

 It is something positive that you can and do create, a state of harmony that you contribute to with your thoughts, your words, your actions, your feelings, your love, your light and your joy.

Peace is not a fixed thing, a single note. 

 Rather, while it may be serenity – a moment of still joyfulness – it may equally be a time of laughter, playfulness or exuberance. It may be a time of intense and measured creativity or a time of relaxed free-flowing expansiveness. It is whatever brings you most deeply and perfectly into alignment with the flow of the Universe at that moment; whatever gives you the fullest expression of your Divine Essence.

Learn to observe and sense the energies about and within you at any moment and notice your ability to find and focus on those energies that most contribute to an overall experience of peacefulness. 

Recognise that all the time, in every moment of your life you are adding to or taking away from the peace of the world.

But if you find you are detracting from the peace; that is, moving away from it in some way, be at peace with that! What you recognise and acknowledge you can more easily change. See yourself, perhaps, like a sailor who’s been blown off course. Who knows what wonders you may discover? When you are ready, reset the compass, trim the sails and adjust the tiller, thankful for all you have learned.

In other words, know that you are an energy presence in a sea of oneness, that you make a difference to the oneness and the oneness is glad of the difference you make.


Making Peace by Being Peace

• Pause and notice the feel of the space around you.

• Let your awareness expand outwards as far as you please, sensing more and more of the different qualities of energy that make up your world.

• Notice the many different kinds of feeling and the different qualities of energy that make up the being that you are.

• Now sense or imagine yourself as a presence of light in a world of light.

• Observe how your light interacts with this world of light.

• Notice how you can play with your light to enhance your own experience and to add to the beauty of the world. Notice the feelings that come as you do this.

• Ask yourself how you might express those feelings in the outer world and notice the answers that come.