The Choices in the Middle

by Jennifer Hoffman -

There is a purpose in everything, in standing still and in moving forward and there is as much power in a pause as there is in a choice.

The Pause

In fact, sometimes the pause is a very powerful place to be as we allow ourselves the luxury of taking our time to accept or decline an opportunity, as long as we don't take to long.

A short, intentional, conscious and deliberate pause is a powerful statement of our willingness and desire to make the highest and best choice. But when dragged out too long, we get stuck in the pause and then we are in the middle, unsure of which way to go, so we go nowhere.

Choices and choosing are very important points of transformation because each choice creates another step on our life path and every decision to accept or decline creates a new pathway for us.

We can't always maintain a strong forward motion because there are times when we need to assess the results of our choices, take an inventory of what we have created and decide what works and what doesn't. And the only way to do that is to stop moving, stand in the middle and have a look around.

Now being in the middle isn't where we need to criticize and judge ourselves, to look at all of the wrong choices or feel that we are at a dead end.

Take a Breath

It is a chance to be still, to give ourselves time to catch up and take a breath, to view the landscape of our lives from the perspective of accomplishment and celebration. 

We spend so much time doing and thinking and without the balance of being, we can feel like we're always in a hurry to the next destination.

There is no destination other than the one we are standing in and no more important moment than the present one.

The middle is a powerful choice, as long as it doesn't remain our choice for too long. 

There is a fine line between being an observer from this middle point and being stuck there because we can't decide what we need to do next.

When we take a moment to pause we allow what is happening in spirit to trickle down to us at an ego level, to integrate new thoughts and thinking and then allow ourselves to use that as our life path's new starting point.

A Gift of Trust and Faith

Giving ourselves a moment to pause, deliberately and intentionally, so we can consider our next steps is a gift of trust and faith.

Then we allow the stillness to become the fertile ground that produces powerful, life and self affirming, masterful thoughts which allow the next path we choose for our reality to express the highest aspects of our potential.

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