Embracing Destiny

by Cynthia James -

Many people are deep into the discussion of the shifts occurring on this planet. Some feel that we are in the center of a transformational movement unlike any other in history.

I recently spoke at a wonderful conference in Sedona, Ariz. The whole theme was about transcendence and how we navigate the waters of the shifts taking place.

As I contemplated my talk, it became clear to me that WE ARE THE GIFT in the shift. Each one of us is here for a unique purpose, and each of us has been given all of the tools that we need to be fulfilled and make a difference on this planet. 

If that is true, then the question becomes “What is in the way of us soaring?”

I believe it is because we are stuck in the muck of consistent mind chatter that tries to convince us that we are victims of inevitable doom. This is fed by the intense news reports, old familial belief systems and inaccurate information passed down from various arenas.

I believe it is good to be informed.

However, the most important thing, for me is that we move away from blame and finger pointing. I believe it is essential that each of us does our own personal work. The quote “physician, heal thyself” comes to mind.

If we were completely committed to clearing out the cobwebs of doubt, fear, anxiety and despair, we would embrace our true destiny. 

We would understand that we are here to be in high service to ourselves, each other and the planet. We would cease worrying about the “small stuff” and dedicate each day to living from the heart and practicing love at a whole other level. 

We would stop making excuses for our own inappropriate behavior and activate conscious awareness as much as possible. We would not look outside ourselves for a leader, teacher or healer to bring us the answers.

We would look within the quietude of our own hearts. There, we would remember that all human beings want the same things. We all want to be loved, held, supported, fed and nurtured. We all want to express and live a rich life.

I am not naïve enough to think that there are simple solutions to the shift we are all experiencing. I am, however, clear that every one of us has personal power and if we activate it, we affect the whole. We are all interconnected and every time one of us heals, expands or awakens … we all heal on some level.

Please affirm with me:
Today, I consistently remind myself and consciously honor the fact that I am a gift in this world. I am here to make a difference and I know it!