Getting to the Core of Who You Are

by Garrett Paknis - 

What is it that you most want but are afraid of speaking up about? 

Has there been something that you've kept locked away from all your friends and family members simply because of a fear of being judged or ridiculed? 

Is there some sort of secret fantasy life you wish to live yet you don't know how to go about getting it? Well, you've come to the right place.

Our whole purpose in life is to do exactly what we wish to do.

What makes us truly happy. Not what our ego wishes for or what our parents or friends wish for... but what our core being is both made up of and is fueled by.

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle keeping us from living the authentic and passionate life we are dreaming of are our own self-limiting beliefs. We get caught up in our heads and societal pressures to be one thing when we know it isn’t who we are.

Who's going to stick up for you? Who's going to fight your battles if you don't?

The most amazing, exhilarating freedom can come about when we face our fears and move confidently in the direction of our future.

Sometimes, all it takes is the smallest step in order for all the doors to open. And once those doors are open and the light is beckoning you from the other side, you just have to run and jump through. You don't hesitate... you jump. That's what this life is about. It’s important to make the jump and take chances. Chance is a yummy recipe for miracles.

In order to get ready to make that jump, you need to get comfortable with yourself. You need to be honest and figure out what it is that keeps you from living truthfully and going after what you most desire.

Usually, at the core of this issue are the ideas of others. Whether you were once told that it was impossible for you to do something, or whether others expect you to live a certain type of life - that is usually our greatest detriment as people.

But who cares? No - really? 

Who cares about what other people say? 

They aren't the ones fighting for you at the end of the day, you are. The only person you need to be happy with when you're going to sleep at night is yourself. 

So let’s get to the core of it all and unplug from our false beliefs about ourselves! I want you to get to the core of you.

When you're ready, the universe will step up and be ready with you. 

You'll be presented with the opportunities to change once you decide to change. 

Like the light beckoning you to jump through the door of opportunity, you'll find yourself meeting every opportunity and rising up to it. 

It's time to rise up to yourself. Get clear on the life that you're after… and… go get it. Off to the races! I'm over here rooting for you.

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