Staying Centered, Focused and Grounded

by Jennifer Hoffman -

We are alternating between periods of breakneck speed transformation and achingly slow gaps of stillness, moving between trying to keep up with the changes that are being thrust on us to being stopped in our tracks.

In the fast periods we focus on movement and doing what we need to in order to stay focused and grounded.

In the slow periods we are challenged to also stay grounded and address whatever is presented to us until the next period of movement.

We want the movement because that proves we are making progress and yet it is the slow periods in which we make our strongest advances.

It is the difference between traveling on a fast-moving train, where the countryside zips by and walking, where we see every landmark in detail. But we would rather skip the details because they represent more work, clearing, healing, release and choices.

Why can't we just be done with it?

Haven't we done enough work already?

What we do not see is the debris that the transformation has kicked up, which is waiting for us to take action, to look at what has been dredged up in our lives and to work on it. 

So it's what we do in these slow times that is important. 

What is calling to us that we are avoiding?

Where is our resistance in the process?

No one wants to cover ground they have been over again and again but there are no shortcuts and as we move farther into ascension we often have to go backwards with a new perspective and take another look at ourselves, do more release work as we uncover deeper wounds, greater fears and more stuck places.

In the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' there is a scene where Elizabeth cannot sleep as she realizes her marriage is over and she desperately cries out to God to tell her what to do. She begs and pleads, apologizes for not listening, promises to do better and waits for her answer. After a while she hears a small voice say "Go back to bed Elizabeth."

This is what we are hearing now, as we plead for mercy, "look within, release yourself, create new perspectives, find your power". Not what we want to hear when we're drowning in our misery.

We have thrown down the misery gauntlet and then look to God and say "See, here I am in my misery. Am I miserable enough yet? Are you going to help me now?" And we get nothing in reply. Because it's not about being miserable enough, it's about finding joy.

What is blocking us from being joy-ful in each moment? 

We're not going to find it in the hoped-for rescue. The cavalry is not around the next corner and Prince Charming is on an extended holiday. We're going to find it right where we are. The question we need to ask ourselves is "What are we doing about it?"

I have a big pot of mint on my deck and every day I admire it as I carefully cut off a few sprigs for tea and marvel at how lush and beautiful it is this summer. Then two days ago I was looking at my mint and it looked bare. Something had eaten three-fourths of it.

What was once a big, lush plant is now a lot of ugly stalks. I didn't see what ate it, I suspect it was a caterpillar or grasshopper. And it happened overnight. I had been so careful to cut the mint evenly and something just chewed right through it. I was so upset!

I was so focused on the plant and how well it is growing that I forgot about the other creatures that enjoy my plants too. So what am I going to do? Am I going to look at my mint plant every day and be mad at whatever ate it or enjoy what is still available to me while the plant fills out again?

Our keyword is to have patience but not to wait. 

Within our patience we can take action, stay focused, be mindful of this process and make room for joy.

What can we do, every day, to stay within our power?

What can we do to be happy, no matter how miserable we feel?

God won't take us out of our misery, that's our job. But we will have doors open when we seek joy.

I have decided to take ballet, in fulfillment of a childhood dream. It's a small thing but it is something I can do now (and it's good exercise).

I challenge you to find something that brings you joy as you wait for the movement to begin again and to rescue yourself out of your misery. 

What you will find as soon as you seek joy you will stop wondering when it will all end and enjoy the journey, and the movement will begin as soon as you stop worrying about it.

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation. 

Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you. 

Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness. Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times.

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