Sunrise of Your Heart

by Gloria Wendroff - 

Your heart is a beautiful sun meant for all to see like a sunrise. 

The sun of your heart can be covered up and yet it continues to shine its light. You can cover up your love as clouds cover the sun, yet the clouds do not stop the sun. The clouds do not even touch it. The sun shines regardless of what is superimposed upon it.

The sun of your heart shines the same no matter how many fences and moats and shades of night do their cover-up.

You might as well give up on hiding the fullness of your heart. 

Cover-up is a lost cause. Like make-up, it washes off. Go ahead and use make-up if it makes you happy, yet how well you know that dimming the sun of your heart makes you unhappy. You may dress your heart in varied costumes of haute couture or rags and all the styles in between.

Nevertheless, the sun of your heart is undaunted. The love within you will shine through, and it will be as good as new. It will be as fresh as a daisy. It never grows old, not even cold no matter how much ice you store in your heart.

Your heart is going to shine so brightly that you will know that your heart had been parading in poor costumes. The veils over love will disappear, and there will be the sunshine of all the love in your heart that I put there.

 All that love of yours will burst through all the bonds. Your heart will not be sullied. It will not be worse for wear.

The muscles of your love are always growing and they will flex and break the pitiful shackles and disguises you have put on your love.

The sunlight of your love will burst through. Say when. Say when now.

Oh, what a radiant sun you have concealed in your heart! You have perpetrated a fraud with the lesser emotions. You called them real and loved the imposters. All the while, you had it all backwards.

What is anger but a cover-up of love? 

What is fear? What is dislike? You feel the contrast of the lesser emotions with the love in your heart. The lesser emotions are more fired up and so you call the lesser emotions true and the land you call love far-fetched or even lost, as if the sun of your heart can stay in the dark long or be missing.

You know how to sweep a room and dust off furniture. Sweep the dross out of your heart. 

Clean your heart like a mirror and look into it. 

See the sunlight sparkle. Remove the particles that hide your light. Pick out old hurts and dislikes. Use tweezers if you must or a spoon and get them out. Make way for the sun, for you are to shine it. Love is not a costume nor is it jewelry, yet do wear the sun of your love like a diamond.

Your love is a diamond. Bare your heart. Your heart has nothing more to do than to be seen. 

If you at present cannot seem to see the brilliance of your love, then make sure to give it and you will see it reflected in the light of others' eyes.

Perhaps your love has been like a fire that has been burning long, and certain overlays have made the fire smoky, leaving ashes and residue that interfere with the fire's natural ability.

Remove the soot. Clean that chimney. Too much residue from the past has been kept there. Return your heart to its original luster.

Get going on it now. This is heart-cleaning day.

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